The 5 Shifts – Part 5 – Invest In You

Welcome back to Part 5 of The 5 Shifts blog series where I’m walking you through the 5 main shifts you need to make to get you on the road to the freedom lifestyle that you want.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last four posts and have started to make the changes you need. Well, we’re here at the last post and this one is such an important shift to make if you’re not already doing it. It’s all about you and the commitment you make to yourself to be a better version of YOU. 

Just to recap, so far we’ve covered Clarity, Mindset, Connection and Growth in parts one through four and today we’re going to look at how your commitment to yourself equals the commitment you give to your business.

If you’re just joining us on this journey I highly recommend you jump back to the beginning and work through the first 4 shifts before rejoining us here in part 5.

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Invest In You

Investing in yourself and spending the time to actually map out a process like this, see how it applies to you and what you can implement from it.

  • Spend the time reading books.
  • Listening to audios
  • Go on YouTube and listen to motivational videos.
  • Spend the time exercising and training and getting the body moving right.

There is more research than probably anything out there when it comes to the benefits of:

  • Exercise
  • Performance
  • Health Focus
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Living Longer
  • Better sex drive

… everything possible, but yet we don’t do it because we make the choice to do other shit that doesn’t create the outcomes that we want.

Have a look at the way you’re investing your time and energy in the first place and is it going to lead you where you want to be?

Is it just going to lead you into that same wall again over and over again?

Are you going to somehow expect things to change?

So really look at how you’re investing in yourself because what I can tell you for a fact is that the more I invest in myself and the more that I see my clients invest in themselves right the more success I and they see. If you would like also some tips to invest your wealth, visit

Everybody that comes to the retreats that we run in Thailand makes a big financial investment but also a big time investment too.

They are the ones that succeed.

They are the ones that move the needle.

They are the ones that end up where they want to end up and most of the time even surpassing that because their horizons are now broader than they ever were.

Especially once they end up closer to where they want to be right that where they were is a distant memory and they don’t focus on that shit anymore. They focus on where they want to be and how great things feels where they are now and where they will be.

You’ve got to realize that if you don’t put the time and energy into it it’s not going to happen. Nobody is going to do it for you.

It’s the same with investing in mentors. I’ve invested in mentors since the age of 17. I literally had a different mentor every single year since I was 17 in different capacities, different industries, different focuses, in marketing, self-development, help, mastermind’s and retreats, events, books, audios, like I have been obsessed with this stuff and I always will be.

I’m an eternal student because one of the biggest things that I find as humans is that we need to stretch, we need to grow, we need to develop on a consistent basis because if we’re doing that then it’s in line with who we want to be, it’s in line with how we work naturally which is only going to help you maintain that level of happiness that level of fulfillment that you want.

Say to yourself:

“Every day I get up I’m going to take on the day, I’m going to end up one percent better than I was yesterday or I’m going to challenge myself in one way. I’m going to invest in a mentor because I know they’ve been where I want to be, and it’ll help me get there a shit load quicker and make less mistakes along the way.”

That is valuable right? I mean it’s priceless.

Sometimes we get hard headed and go “I can do it myself.”

I’m not denying you can but do you want to do it yourself and go through the whole entire process for 2, 3, 4 years versus have somebody that can help you get there in 8 weeks, 12 weeks or 6 months then that’s not unrealistic because they have set the blueprint because they went through all the shit for you. I’ve got clients of mine that grow businesses to over seven figures a year now  and the process took less than 12 months. It took me 15 years to work that shit out!

It took me almost going bankrupt twice swiping the credit card at work just to be able to pay the staff, I sold my house and put it back into the business and I mean everything to work out:

  • The Model
  • The systems
  • The strategy
  • The marketing

Everything around that particular industry and model so that I could pass on that knowledge to my clients. That’s what my clients value the most, they value the fact that I’ve got the roadmap for them, I’ve got the blueprint for them and I’m going to help them throughout the entire process.

I tell them to focus on these key things because if they focus on these key things and they have the blueprint and the strategy in their hand how much faster do you think it’s going to be?

But also how much more enjoyable do you think the process is going to be because I’m not just following a tactic for a certain period of time I’m focusing on myself and who I need to be as I’m following a blueprint that’s been laid out for me.

If you’ve never invested in any sort of mentor….start there.

If you’re not reading at the moment and you’re not investing any time into growing yourself…start there.

If you’re not moving in any capacity get off your ass…start there.

10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes. I don’t care. Invest in yourself because no one else is ever going to do it for you and the one commodity that you’re never ever going to get back is time.

You can either invest the time now or regret the time later that choice is going to be on you and it’s always going to be there.

And what I listened to is yesterday I think when I was on the stepper at the gym, and I think it comes from Jim Rohn is that there’s two heavyweights that will be left with in our life right.

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” – John Rohn

One is going to be the weight of the work we have to put in for discipline and the other one’s going to be the weight of what we’re going to be left with when it comes to regret.

When you look at both again and understand both are going to cause a level of pain then you’ll see It’s going to take a little bit of pain to do the work needed to be disciplined. It’s going to be very painful to be left with regret and the one thing that they said about both which really resonated with me was the fact that the weight of regret is always going to weigh a lot more than the weight of discipline.

And again I really hope that that resonates with you.

I want everybody to at least spend the time seeing if there’s anything here in this blog series that relates and connects with you,  but then do something about it!

If I can evoke anything new in you it would be action, I would want it to be application in some way shape or form to spend time on this stuff, to implement the things you want and generate and create the outcomes that you want.

Stop settling on not living the life you want, not having what you want, and not having any level of freedom that gives you the space to even own the perspective that you need and to be able to even invest in yourself.

You know my aim is to be able to impact and help as many people as we can and I want to invite you now to join our group right here, it’s free and you’re more than welcome to invite anyone to the group and I’ll just give them a quick screen and I will invite them in if I think they’re going to be a great fit for this amazing group that we’re trying to grow and develop.

So again I appreciate you if you’ve made it all the way to end of the 5 Shifts Blog Series.

Give yourself a high five and please comment below with any thoughts you have about anything that you connect with and anything that you can implement from what you’ve heard today.