The 5 Shifts – Part 4 – Growth


Welcome back to Part 4 of The 5 Shifts blog series where I’m walking you through the 5 main shifts you need to make to get you on the road to the freedom lifestyle that you want.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the series and that it’s made you dig deep and answer some questions about yourself and your business.

Just to recap, so far we’ve covered Clarity, Mindset and Connection in parts one through three and today we’re going to look at why you’re stuck in your business and why you’re not moving forward.

If you’re just joining us on this journey I highly recommend you jump back to the beginning and work through the first 3 shifts before rejoining us here in part 4.

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If you’re stuck in your business, working all the hours putting but not getting anywhere then you are not spending enough time and you’re not focusing on implementing things and doing things that are specifically growth based.

What I mean by that is that you get caught in the day to day shit, you get caught running five, six or seven different jobs within the one business. You’re the –

  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Staff trainer
  • Internet marketer
  • Designer
  • Delivery person
  • You do every single aspect of admin answering the phone /e-mails  etc

..and your day is constantly based around fulfilling all of these different roles and it’s never based around just growth. You have to understand that to switch from an employee to a manager to an entrepreneur to an investor things have to change, your role has to change, your focus has to change, your critical 5% has to change and your skill set has to develop throughout the process.

If your skill set stays in the employee space and your mindset is attached to that mindset then you’ll still be thinking- “I have to do it all myself or it’s easier for me to do it because I need to be in control of the outcome. I’ve got to put in X amount of time to be able to get that done right.”

That whole time for money mindset is all connected to just being an employee whereas looking at things from more of an entrepreneur or an investor mindset means you’re looking at:

  • How can I create more leverage?
  • How can I create more time and freedom?
  • How can I impact more people?
  • How can I help more people with my current model?
  • Where is the point where I can expand?
  • What is my capacity and how many people can I help without needing to develop and grow a bigger team or more high performing team that can deliver the same results that I like to deliver for all of my clients and people and customers?

If you are not spending time on that on a daily basis,  hourly basis every day then how do you think it’s going to happen?


Do you think suddenly someone’s going to come along and put a magic wand on your shoulder and say “today your business can now grow and you can focus on growth.”   

It’s never going to happen!

I had a great conversation with one of my clients yesterday,  we’re currently looking at employing somebody in his business to handle one of his businesses so he can focus on another. We looked at the wage and the structure, and the role and it was going to cost 60 grand. But potentially this other business could earn him 60 grand in the first two months. This other one is going to cost 60 grand over 12 months, and you know there was hesitation there and the hesitation was “man, it’s a lot of income.”

And look it is a lot of income. I think we’ve worked that out to be about 25% of net profit on a month to month basis, which is just based on where the business is currently now, not where it’s going. It’s funny because the mindset was like “wow I don’t know if I want to do that. I don’t know if they’re going to do a good enough job.” But that’s not growth based thinking, that’s not based on the fact that hey you know what I’m spending 60 grand on this so that I can go over here and make a couple of mil and I can buy back my freedom. I’m going to buy back my 30, 40, 50 hours a week that was being worked to run that one business, I’m going to buy that back for 60 grand right now.

Would your time be worth 60 Grand?

Does that seem so far out there?

If it does seem so far out there, then again you’ve got to realize that, that’s your mindset, that’s your perspective based on what you currently know or based on the level of risk that you’ve taken to date.

You’ve never expanded your mind past that right? Your mindset and your possibilities and your limitations are only based on what you currently see in your lane. You’re not seeing anything else outside that lane and you never will until you’re willing to step out of it and then suddenly you step out of it you’re like man I can’t believe that’s what I used to think. Sixty grand is nothing. I’d pay that all day long.

You’ve got to look at that and you’ve got a take on that growth and then you’ve got to create a model that’s going to support it. It’s the biggest thing that I’ve helped businesses with for years because it’s all great and nice to have these goals, these aspirations, to get clear on who I want to be, get motivated and have a great mindset but then have a shit model.

If your model is not set up in a way that allows you to:

  • consistently grow
  • have leverage
  • create time
  • create freedom
  • have great levels of profit
  • be able to have incentives and places to go within your team.

Then your model is going to be limited. It’s only going to grow to a certain point and at that point, you’re going to have to work out whether or not you’re ready to expand past it or whether your own limitations are going to keep you stuck where you are

So it’s really important that you’re looking at things as a whole from that perspective. You have to put the time into it and think about how much time, energy and effort my putting into growth on a daily basis, because getting shit done and doing more jobs and working more hours is not spending time on growth, that spending time on doing stuff.

It’s a very different perspective and what you have to realize and own at some point is that as an entrepreneur I can work less and create more growth, but what I work on is essential to the growth and success of the business.

My critical 5% is all based around that right? What is going to move the business forward, what is going to move me forward in the direction that I want, not how much stuff can I cover at once to save money or to make sure that we do have a little bit more profit, even though I don’t have a life and I don’t have any time and in five years time I don’t even enjoy this shit anymore so I’m just going to quit and get a job.

That might be a bit dramatic but that’s where a lot of people end up. It’s where I see a lot of businesses end up as they come to me at that point where they’re desperate.

They now start self-loathing themselves, they start all of these negative conversations and mindsets and languaging because they’ve been going down this one road and hitting the same wall over and over and over again and they’ve never done anything to push through it, get around it or under it.

They keep doing the same things and expect a different result and shit just doesn’t work like that. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition for going crazy.

I read this a while ago and share this with my other clients.

The number one reason why people have high levels of stress in their life right is purely due to the fact that they are frustrated that they’re not doing the things that they know they need to do or that they want to do.

That’s where the most and the highest level of stress comes from in every single person’s life. So please do take that onboard if that is you.

In part 5 of this blog series I’ll be talking about why investing in yourself means success and putting yourself in a position of strength

That’s what’s coming up in my next post, but if you’re already wanting to dive deeper into these 5 shifts and want to jump ahead you can grab my book – The Process of Being Me right here.

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