How To Stop Feeling Frustrated Part 2


In Part 1 of this 2 part blog on overcoming frustration we looked at the first two things that can drive you crazy and ignite your frustrations as an entrepreneur and they were: Expectations and Assumptions.


If you’re just joining us then do go back and read the last post which you can find here.

The next thing I see when I look at frustration and why a lot of people feel frustrated especially around work has to do with focus.

What I mean by focus is the question; are you focused on the main things? You’ve probably all heard that saying – “keep the main thing the main thing.”

We know that we have a certain group of tasks that are “have to’s” they’re the things that we have to get done. For me, I have to get back to clients. I have to check e-mails and I have to do certain things for my children and my wife.

Then there’s the “want to’s” they’re the things that I know that are completely in line with my vision and are the steps that I need to take on a daily basis to move forward towards it.

When it comes to focus it’s good to check to see if you’re stuck in reaction mode and to ask yourself where your focus is. Is it on you and what you need to be doing or is it on a circumstance or something someone has done that you’re reacting to? Is It on what “they” have done to you or how “they” are making you feel? If it is, it’s time to take note that it all has to do with them and has nothing to do with you.

You’re allowing them to dictate your reaction or allowing circumstance to dictate the way that you feel and then react. When it comes to focus, your focus has to be in line with what you want to be doing. It has to be at a level of integrity where you you can say; “I am focused on the main things that are going to be moving me forward on a daily basis.”

I shared this a couple of weeks ago and I’ll share it again if you didn’t catch it back then -.

The number one reason people feel stress and where stress comes from, and I would say frustration is exactly in line with that, is that they aren’t doing the things that they know they should be.

Where’s your focus? If its not on the things that you should be doing to move you forward that are in line with what you want then of course there is going to be frustration because on one hand you’re saying “yes I want this, I’ve set this intention, this goal, this thing I’m going after”, but yet you’re not doing the work on a consistent basis.

  • I say I want to lose weight but I’m not turning up to the gym.
  • I say I want to get leaner but I’m not changing my food or my diet or I did for two days and now I’m just telling myself stories around it.
  • I say I want to earn a certain amount of money each month but I don’t change my actions to make that happen. 

Your focus has to be on what is most important to you. As parents, it’s really easy, even as partners in a relationship, it’s really easy to put your focus on somebody else but what happens is that things just start eating away at you until there’s a big fat wound there. It’s right then that frustration rears it’s ugly head.

Frustration that my focus is always on someone else. Right? That’s the moment they don’t do something the way I expect or assume and I’m so frustrated and consumed by the entire experience because my focus was on them and they didn’t do something the way I thought they would so you then react negatively towards them vs you making sure that you’re focused on yourself first.

On a daily basis, I talk and I teach all my entrepreneurs how to build their own million dollar success routine and it’s based around them to make sure that they are feeling the best they can. They’re starting their day off in their routine by focusing on them and then they are getting themselves in a great state of energy and productivity to start working at a highly effective rate on the things that are most important, regardless of all that other shit that’s going on.

So have a look at where your focus is shifting on a daily basis and figure out where you’re putting your energy.

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