Creating The Perfect Offer For Your Ideal Client – Part 1

Welcome to this week’s blog.

Last week was a big week for me, I tore the ligaments in my ankle, passed out and got saved by a couple of strangers on a trail I was hiking with my kids, and then the next day we moved house! So as you can imagine things were a bit nuts but I am excited to be back here now in my new office and to be coming at you with a really simple but hopefully very powerful blog series on creating the perfect offer for your ideal clients!

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So what do I mean by powerful? Well I mean I’m going to break things down for you and explain what goes into creating the perfect offer for your ideal clients.

So often, online especially, I see so many people copying other people because they hear how a certain offer was successful or they’re not sure what to offer their clients, so they just offer the same thing that they see already being offered rather than really understanding what the perfect offer is for them to attract their own ideal clients.


They say: “I’m looking for the type of solution that my ideal clients are searching for online or that they resonate with when they’re scrolling on social media.”.


So today, what I want to do is to dive into that entire thought process and to really look at how you start crafting the perfect offer, what you need to be thinking about and putting in place in order to make sure that you can position your offer the right way to find those ideal clients, because at the end of the day what’s the point of being in business both short and long-term:

  • If you don’t enjoy who you’re working with.
  • If your clients don’t value what it is you do.
  • If they’re not investing highly in your solution to get the results that they want at a level of commitment that we enjoy seeing from the clients that we work with.

Let’s dive into the first point here and as always I recommend that you get out a pen and paper and extract what resonates with you and maybe with what aspect of your offer that you need to give the most attention.

Making sure that you’re clear on who you want to work with and why.

It seems so simple, but so many people either skip this step or they just brush over it and they don’t give it the level of attention, detail and thought that it really takes to even start this entire process.

Like I said before, they copy or they model from somebody else and they think that’s a good idea but they haven’t really gained the clarity they need at that initial phase by working out who it is that they want to work with and why.

I’ve had multiple different businesses in multiple different niches so I’ve had to get clear on many different occasions on exactly who it is that we want to work with. Sometimes when you’re launching a business it’s really easy just to take anybody because those people are there in front of you, it’s potential income you need income to survive. Then suddenly we almost get trapped just settling and we end up with a pool of people that we’ve accepted into our programs our products or a service that we don’t necessarily love working with.

I’m not saying that that is wrong, I’m saying it’s part of the journey but at some point, you have to draw a line in the sand and you have to really stand up for who it is that you want to serve at the highest level and why.

For instance:

  • What does it mean to you to serve those people?
  • What does it mean to you to provide your solution to that particular group of people?
  • What are they going through in their life right now?
  • What’s happening with them that you either resonate with or connect with that means a lot to you to be able to help them.
  • What can you do to help them that also gives you the fulfilment that you need by providing to them the solution that you have right now?

If you’re not clear on that or you’re starting a new business or you’re in a new niche and you’re not sure who that person might be or who they look like in your mind the best place to start is just think about the personality characteristics and think about the level of action and commitment you want somebody to take.

Think about the results that you want somebody to achieve from whatever it is that you’re helping them with. Like who is that person? Whether they’re a friend whether there’s somebody that you’ve started to help on the side, whether they’re a certain group of clients you’re currently already working with just really start to identify who they are and then connect why it’s important for you above everybody else to help them.

Why is it important to you to help that particular group of people. Once you’re clear on that it becomes very easy to do what I’m going to share with you next, which is to tap into their minds as well as their current situation.

Now whether a lot of us want to admit it or not:

“Most of the time the clients that we are looking for, the clients that we love the most tend to have very similar characteristics and personality traits to us.”

They either are in a similar situation that you’re in or you know they want to achieve what you’ve achieved or they’re going through a similar journey that you’ve been through.

That can be very powerful because you’re able to show them a better way based on experience and with a level of integrity behind that.

But if you haven’t done what I share with you in the first step you’re not really going to know who to tap into.

Like whose minds to tap into and what is it about their situation that we really need to understand at a very deep level?

When I say situation I mean knowing where they are in life, where they are in business, where they are in health, where they are financially, where they are depending on whatever your niche might be and where are they now compared to where they want to be.

What are the conversations that are happening in their mind? 

What are the things that come up for them on a daily basis based on either when they see themselves in the mirror, when they get a notification, when they can’t pay a bill like what’s going on for them in their life because it’s really important that we get clear on where they are right now so that we can get very good at understanding where it is they want to go.

If you have a personal connection to that journey you’re going to understand the process and you’re gonna be a lot more able to relate to their current situation and what they need to do to move forward.

By tapping into their minds it’s just on so much deeper a level than demographics like:

Male or female, age, married not married, kids not kids, educated not educated, high income low income and all those different things. They have a place for sure but what I can tell you is that the place that they have is probably for your targeting on Facebook as a starting framework.

When it comes to creating the perfect offer for you to be able to attract your ideal clients all of that shit is like the starting point, it’s like the headline that you write on the piece of paper.

Next, you’ve got to dive in and be able to articulate and resonate and connect with what’s going on in their minds and what’s happening in their current life, business, health and financial situations.

When you can do that it’s going to be so much easier to craft, to put together and to position the perfect offer. At some point, you have to be able to do that at a high enough level to be able to own the solution that you have to offer those people.

If I don’t do that at a deep enough level I’m never going to own my solution because when I’m trying to connect my solution to those people it’s very superficial. I’m not tapping into what’s going on, I’m not reading in between the lines, I’m not peeling away enough layers of that onion to really get to the core of things so that people truly understand that:

  1. They have a problem.
  2. They need a solution

or that –

They’ve been searching for a solution and you could be that solution for them!

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