Building Your Performance Mindset – Part 3 – Positivity & Abundance

Hey and welcome back to part 3 of my series on Building Your Performance Mindset.

It’s what will get you to where you want to be. In this blog series we’re discussing Building Your Performance Mindset and how doing this will help you succeed and find the freedom lifestyle you’re seeking.

In week one we looked at Conformity & Fear and last week we covered Assumptions & Expectations. If you missed that blog post you can go back and read it by clicking here.

In this blog we look at the next two things to help you build your performance mindset:

Positivity & Abundance

I cannot tell you how much of a major mindset shift that is. So often we come from a place of lack. LACK that we don’t have enough and lack that we haven’t come far enough. Again, comparing it to our ideals.

You’re in this place where you’re always chasing that next goal and never showing gratitude. You’re never showing and counting your wins, never looking at where you were to where you are now and really appreciating how far you’ve come and how amazing your life is right now, and like I said showing gratitude for that appreciation.

It is a huge mindset shift from that constant grind and hustle because if you’re constantly in the chase for what you want then you’re left with a gap, and that gap is a lack, and whenever there is a lack there is negativity and there tends to be a bit of a victim mentality right there. There’s this expectation again and then assumption versus that ideal.

When I come from a place of positivity I decide that regardless of my circumstance I’m always going to keep a positive outlook. I’m always going to keep a focus on my intentions and my visions and how I want to feel. No one’s going to come along and tap you on the back and go hey congratulations you can now be positive today.

My client said to me “all the time man, you always smile, always seem happy,” even when I’m flat out busy. Of course, it’s a choice. I don’t want to feel shitty. Why do I want to be feeling less than positive?

I hope it is the same way for you now, and if not comes a choice that you start owning for yourself.

The same goes with abundance right. When you have had a lot and then you’ve lost it, it’s a journey that is very heartbreaking and hard to deal with on many different levels, but to me it’s almost a gift because you really are forced to appreciate what you have and to see things from a far more abundant outlook purely because when you have nothing and then you suddenly start gaining things you have so much more gratitude than being given things or having things and never appreciating them.

I’ve been fortunate enough to go through that process twice now almost losing everything the first time but bouncing back from the Misuse of Bounce Back Loan having claimed bankruptcy to losing everything a second time and then building back up to the life that I have now and my ability to help a lot of other people create great lives and businesses as well.

If I am not coming from a place of abundance how do you think that translates to my clients, to my team members and to my partner in my relationship? It has to be a choice.

If one person is always focused on the bills, the money that we don’t have, the money that’s going out, the things we can’t do, what we’re waiting for until we do have money then that’s coming from a place of lack it’s not coming from a place of abundance or positivity.

You have to understand that that is a perspective change and when you can change that perspective you can change your mindset and you cannot have a success based mindset if you’re coming from a place of lack, which is from a place of negativity. That too won’t match up.

If you find yourself saying that you’re positive but most of the languaging that comes out of your mouth and around other people is negative and you find you’re pulling down other people, you’re judging other people or you’re giving other people shit then you’ve got to understand that that’s more of a reflection of your own mindset.

I think I shared this quote but I’m going to share it again right.

“The greatest freedom in this world is allowing others to have their own experience which will free you up for you to give yourself permission to have your own experience, free of judgment.”

If you can own that, that in its own statement is abundance right.

That is positivity at its core because you know what none of that other crap matters to me, I’m only staying focused on what I love, which for me is helping people like you.

Whatever it is that’s happening, if I can show abundance and gratitude and appreciation for the fact that I get to get up every single day and do that even if I don’t have it at the level I want to get I still get to choose positivity.

I still have the freedom of choice.

That freedom of choice is directly connected to your performance mindset and your thinking that your choices are limited or that you can’t. When you say things like “I don’t know” and “I can’t do it” and “there’s no way” you’re limiting your ability to create a performance mindset and ever come from a place of abundance.

In part 4 of this series, I’ll be discussing creating space as an entrepreneur, as a parent and as somebody who is caught up in their head too much.

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