To All Individuals Who Have Taken The Brave Step To Becoming An Entrepreneur & Investing Their Time In Helping Others...


It is my greatest intention to bring you the very best of what I have learned from my own journey of self-mastery as an entrepreneur and a mentor so that you gain insights into how you can take your greatest gifts and share them with the world for the largest impact.

My own journey as an entrepreneur
 started when I was just 17....

After growing up with a father who was a serial entrepreneur, I could never see myself working for anyone else for very long or at all

I never really knew what I wanted to do outside of playing professional rugby and earning some cash for myself on the side.

I was introduced by one of my trainers to the fitness industry and being able to help others get in shape and stay active. This was really where my passion for helping people become better versions of themselves really took fire! 

Being able to help people realise their potential and break through there own limitations drove me to walk away from my rugby career and commit to being a FitPro full time.

This is also where I first hoped on the entrepreneurial roller coaster. Having to work out how:
> To grow a business around my own brand and name
> To leverage my time by creating systems that could run without me
> To market myself and attract the types of clients I loved to work with
> To grow a team that was just excited about growing my business even if I was not there
> To confidentially charge more than double anyone else charged
> To create a model that was highly profitable and allowed me to live the lifestyle I wanted

During my time as a fitness professional, I have run 11 gyms and businesses, created multiple 7 figures a year businesses and have helped thousands of people transform their bodies and lives

Like most entrepreneurs, the question of what is next has always plagued me and for a long time, the "chase for more" is what my motivation was all about...

So much so that I ended up blowing my life up in a big way...

I got so obsessed with the recognition that fed my ego to keep wanting more money, more locations, more toys, more expensive holidays and even more challenges, that I completely lost myself in the process...

My marriage ended, I lost my kids for over 6 months not knowing when I would get to see them again and I completely walked away from the businesses I had spent over 15 years growing.

I share this part of my story with you because it is something I see in entrepreneurs every day, they want to help people, they want to create a better life for themselves and their families, yet they do not even know who they truly are and what their "why" really is that drives them to want to do what they want to do.

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After basically losing everything I discovered everything...I got so clear on who I was and who I wanted to be and who I wanted to help along with how I could help them best

In less than 4 years I sold over 3000 copies of my online products making me over 7-figures without spending a single cent on paid traffic.  I created a signature program that has taken 10 business owners who have never even earned over 6 figures to over 7-figures a year, some even hitting the $2 million a year mark while freeing them from the day to day.

I found, fell in love with and married the woman of my dreams.  Together we have traveled the world and we now have my kids that live with us for most of the year and that I get the privilege and the freedom to homeschool and spend as much time as I want to with.

If you are someone who knows they are meant to be great and are meant to live an incredible life, to be clearer on who you are, to be happier with who that person is, then this website and the free content I share on all of my freedom hack episodes and on my weekly POBME podcast is for you!

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