The 8 Key Factors You Need To Know To Separate Your Program From Your Competition

What does The Integrity of Your Process look like?

Tomorrow I am recording a podcast breaking down 8 key factors in making sure your program stands out from the rest and withstands the test of time…

Full of the types of clients you love, that pay you highly for your solutions.

Today I want to focus on the first point as I feel it is often the most overlooked and it is why most of you never get past a certain point when it comes to growth.

We are in a world where we are bombarded with daily advertising and sales messaging everywhere we look.
The average person is exposed to over 3000 marketing messages a day!!

We are so focused on capturing our slice of the market that we end up joining the same game everyone else is playing…often without any thought as to why.

We see ads, landing pages, posts, videos all promising us a quick fix and a 1-click solution, we get overwhelmed with just trying to keep up with it all…

Let alone work out if it is even in line with how you like to do things and with your brand or company culture.

You have a choice…play the same game as everyone else, or look deeply into what you and your solution stands for.

Copy others because you see their success…vs model others and make a process your own.

What I can tell you for a fact is that peoples buying decisions and what leads them to select who to buy from has and is continuing to change.

Information, pretty websites and great calls to action that say…” Hey look at me, buy my shit” are no longer working the way they did and soon they will not work at all.

The online world is far more educated than they used to be and they can click on an offer from their mobile phone anywhere they are without much thought at all.

{This week I built out a completely new Show Up Process to guarantee that the average show up rate in any business no matter in person or on a call is far higher]

>>> I am going to break down what to look for in my podcast tomorrow:)

The 2 key factors in the way people are looking who to buy from or where to spend their money…is not price, it is not the shiny features, it’s not all the information you have to offer…

It’s Connection & Transformation

This week I am launching a brand new 100% FREE website showing you exactly how to do this better than anyone else to allow to attract your perfect clients

What I want to leave you with today is a challenge to look at those 2 factors and see where they fit within your entire marketing and sales process…

Along with the integrity of your onboarding process.

I see so many businesses that advertise and even promise a certain benefit or solution and make statements about the level of care they offer and that we pride ourselves on our customer service etc…

Yet after the sales consult and they sign up…nothing!


Maybe they are a bit better than most and they do something for the first 1-2 weeks then nothing.

>>> If your ad promises something that your landing page does not connect with or back up…there is a disconnect
>>> If your offer makes certain agreements that your sales call or consult does not provide…there is a disconnect
>>> If your sales consult expresses what your program delivers and then their first session or experience with you does not prove that to them…

Guess what there is a disconnect!!  

The more of these breakdowns or moments that there is a disconnect in the integrity of your messaging and your offer through each step and stage of the marketing > sales > onboarding process…

The worse your conversion and retention stats are going to be…

Which is why so many businesses stay at the same stage of growth or they even start to go backwards…

Despite how much money you are willing to throw in the front end…a shitty conversion rate is still a shitty conversion rate.

If I have 100 leads that turn into 20 sales appointments or calls that turn into 10 clients


30 leads that turn into 20 appointments that turn into 15 clients…

You will always win…why?

It is a lot easier to get 30 leads and only have to follow up with 30 people consistently enough to end up with an even higher show-up rate and conversion rate.

I know which game I would rather be playing in and focusing on.

So now my challenge to you is two-fold…

1st: Make sure you look out for tomorrows podcast episode where I am going to break down this and 8 other key factors in separating yourself from your competitors forever…wile guaranteeing the long-term success and growth of your programs

2nd: Look at the above and dive into your conversion stats, which part of the process is creating a disconnect or could require more focus and even a different approach that is more in line with how you want to position yourself.

Picture the last lot of numbers I broke down above which gave you a 65% show up rate and 75% conversion rate from show to sale…if you were still able to attract 100+ leads a month

How would those numbers transform your business and your speed of growth?

I have clients of mine smashing those numbers each and every month…In a wide range of markets, all due to the key factors have I just shared with you, that we spend time focusing on and improving.

I hope you take on my challenge and I look forward to connecting with you on tomorrows podcast episode and hearing how this has changed the way you look at your program or your strategy for growing it to the level of success or income you want to see it achieve.

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