Building Your Performance Mindset – Part 5 – Proactive Vs Reactive

Welcome back to this amazing blog series which will help you start Building Your Performance Mindset!

We’re here already at Part 5 and we’ve already covered some incredible things to help you make the shift you need in your own mind so that you can be successful within your business and personal life.

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Proactive Vs Reactive

In the last post we looked at how creating space as an entrepreneur gives you the mental freedom to focus on your goals, be inspired once again and get creative. In this blog post we look at being proactive vs reactive and not allowing daily distractions from dragging you away from your focus.

I can look at whether or not I want to start being more proactive or if I want to keep being reactive.

The greatest outcome of being proactive is that I can start to own my own perspective and by choosing to be proactive I can start to choose the perspective I want to come from.

It’s very easy to get caught up in reacting to everybody else’s bullshit or stuff that happens. If I can choose how I want to move forward, I can then choose to own the perspective.

If I want to come from a place of positivity and abundance am I going to start getting into a conversation with somebody about lack, about not having money or bitching and whining about their bills and everything else? Or am I just going to go ahead and say “you know what I wish you all the best with it” and I’m outta there,  I’m leaving that conversation. Sure I can empathize but I don’t want to play at that level.

It’s the same with a business transaction; if I’m coming from a place of abundance and somebody tells me they can’t afford my program or they don’t want to do it, no problem! Bless and release.

I know if I’m coming from a place of abundance that enough people are going to be coming my way. I have faith in the intention because I have faith in myself because I’ve created enough space to get clear on what I want, how I’m going to do what I want and what it means to me.

If you’re constantly reactive you have to understand that you’re allowing and you’re empowering others to control how you feel and when you do that how well do you think success is going to come for you when you’re spending more time reacting to other people’s stuff rather than being proactive around your own stuff which in turn will help you to create the perspective that you want in your life.

Which one do you think is going to help you more? I know it’s a rhetorical question but you’ll be surprised at how many people choose to react or even more so never create the space to realize that they have been reacting.

They don’t even have any awareness around it, they’ve been doing it so long it’s just part of the norm.

If you haven’t been through any of the earlier steps I urge you to go back to the beginning and really work through each one, it will only take a few minutes per post and will set you up for the two final posts that will follow.

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