Building Your Performance Mindset – Part 4 – Creating Space As An Entrepreneur

Hey and welcome back to this amazing blog series which will help you start Building Your Performance Mindset!

We’re here already at Part 4 and we’ve already covered some incredible things to help you make the shift you need in your own mind so that you can be successful within your business and personal life.


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If you haven’t already read these articles I highly recommend you go and start from the beginning to get the most out of the series. (Each read is around 3 mins long)

So in Part 4 we are going to dive in to what Creating Space As An Entrepreneur means to you…


Creating Space


Creating space can be one of the best gifts and one of the greatest tools you can empower yourself with.


Reason being that if I’m always going, if I’m always dealing with things, I’m always “doing”, if I’m always caught in the to-do then I can’t see my vision anymore.%

I can’t tap into my intentions because I’m caught up in reaction mode, I’m caught up dealing with all the to-do’s the long list of shit and everybody else’s crap first right.

But, by creating space I allow myself to slow down, I allow myself to breathe, I allow myself to quiet my mind down enough that I can start hearing that little voice in my head again.

I can start meditating and focusing on a specific intention or vision.

I can start really breathing and allowing myself just to feel where I’m at, just to get a sense of what is going on inside me because what’s going on inside you is dictating what’s happening outside of you. If you’re not aware of that try it, OK, because I can tell you that the two are 100% connected with everybody.

Creating space allows you to tap into that. It allows you to gain the awareness that you need to refocus and to course correct.

It will allow you to show abundance, to think about the things that you feel great about in your life that creates more positivity, to get clearer in your current reality, to make sure that you’re clear on those expectations and that besides the fear and the doubt that you have you can see that end vision in every detail.

That’s the stuff that excites the crap out of you and by creating space you allow yourself to pull back far enough to see it all again, to get excited about it again, to tap into what it means to you and how you feel about it, again.

If you can do that I would say this is up in probably the top two things that I would make sure and implore you to do if you want to have a performance based mindset. If you want to achieve success regardless of what’s going on in your life.

For me thishas been one of the greatest tools that I have embodied for the last seven years. Even when I lost my kids when my marriage ended and I claim bankruptcy, I didn’t know what the fuck I was going to do!

I started journaling. I started meditating. I started going for longer runs and listening to self-development tapes. I just tapped into me and all the answers came back, all the answers came clearly to me. I could see my way out of where I was right then and even sometimes if I could only see the next step, that was enough.

I didn’t need to see anything else, I just needed to see what I needed to do next and I needed to connect back to how that felt. If you can do anything allow yourself to do that.

Start journaling at the end of the day or the start of every day 5 minutes or 10 minutes is all it takes and just brain dump  – you can start right now if you like. Whenever and however long you do it for the key is the consistency of actually doing it so don’t just miss a day because you can lose track of things that way!

Once I can create space and I get an awareness and a gauge of where everything is I can now look at these next two points – I can look at whether or not I want to start being more proactive or if I want to keep being reactive.

That’s what’s coming up in Part 5 of this series – Building Your Performance Mindset

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