Building Your Performance Mindset – Part 6 – Stories & Languaging

We are closing in on the end of this blog series which will help you start Building Your Performance Mindset!

We’re here already at Part 6 and have just one more to go. We’ve already covered some incredible things to help you make the shift you need in your own mind so that you can be successful in your business and personal life.

In the previous blogs we’ve talked about:

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Part 2 – Expectations & Assumptions

Part 3 – Positivity & Abundance

Part 4 – Creating Space As An Entrepreneur

Part 5 – Proactive Vs Reactive

In Part 6 we are looking at:

Your Stories & Languaging

The stories and languaging that you have around your current reality, around your current results and around your current situations and circumstances, those stories and your languaging is the silent killer of your performance mindset.

For you to be able to have what I would call probably the greatest tool ever which is your performance mindset means that you’re the sort of person that I can throw in the desert and regardless of whether I armed you with what you need, you would have come out of it with an opportunity or turning, you know, lemons into lemonade.

You have that because you have gone through each of these things that I’ve mentioned in this blog series and  you’ve gained the awareness, you know exactly who you are and who you want to be and you’re choosing to be proactive based on the intentions and the visions that you want to achieve.

And if you start to listen to the stories and the languaging like:

“I want this but I didn’t have time”

“I really want this but so-and-so happened”

“No I haven’t done it yet because of x, y, z”.

“I really want this. I’m really excited for it. I’m talking about it but I ran out of time”

“I don’t have money to do it yet.”

“I’m sick of my weight. I got weight on my stomach.” Okay cool how’s your food intake? “Well, I’m not good with my food.”

You’re making up all these excuses, right?

What the fuck are you doing?

These are sentences that you are owning. That’s a story that you are owning that is killing your ability to create the level of performance and success that you want.

I see it in business. I see it in marketing. I see it in individuals. I see it in relationships with different people.

“He does that”, “She does that”, “He doesn’t do that right”… etc.etc.

These words or languaging becomes a story that you own about your partner and it becomes a silent killer in your relationship, something that you don’t talk about with each other but you talk about it in regards to that person, again it becomes your story around them. That’s how you start to see that person, that is your perspective of them, the world, your situation, your financial circumstance, your physical body and how you look and feel.

All of these things come back to the stories in the languaging that you have around them and those stories and that languaging are going to be the defining factor in whether or not you will ever have a performance-based mindset.

Like I said of the top two things this one is probably number one because if I don’t ever gain awareness around my stories and languaging I’m never going to be able to change them.

Once I do have awareness which should be my second highest ranking thing by creating space, I can then decide if I want to create new stories.

The stories that have led you to this reality don’t need to be the stories that carry you forward to the new reality that you want.

But, you have to understand that at some point you have to gain awareness around them and then the next point is I need to do something about them.

Like I said that for me is probably those two things are the defining factor on whether you ever will have a mindset that will deliver the level of success and performance that you want. Creating space will help you get that awareness.

If you haven’t been through any of the earlier steps I urge you to go back to the beginning and really work through each one, it will only take a few minutes per post and will set you up for the final post that will follow.

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