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Why Do You Really Want To Be A Fitness Professional?

By September 8, 2014Personal Trainers

How often have you been asked that question or have you ever asked that question of yourself?

I am sure you have all seen the massive growth in terms of how many Fitpro’s there are now graduating with 6-week degrees when they buy a box of Wheeties, how many new gyms, Crossfit boxes and 24hr zombie factories are popping up everywhere…

We can also all agree that we are not going to be short of overweight people to try and help any time soon…

So the fact we can see both of these massive trends happening, why do you want to be a fitpro?


The point of this entire blog post is to make you think and to get you to ask yourself a few questions I think we all need to ask if you want to survive in this industry and in business long term and to have any chance of success.


SO… To get you thinking, why do most of us even start?

  1. We have a passion for helping people so we become trainers
  2. We believe that we can earn a great amount of money per hr. $80 +, which beats any normal paying job
  3. We love training ourselves so why not do something you already love and know a bit about
  4. You have gone through your own transformation and are inspired to share what you learned with the rest of the world
  5. Flexibility of hours is attractive especially as a part time job
  6. It’s cool…you want to be the person walking around talking to all the girls or guys (most of us will never admit to this one!)
  7. It could not be any easier to get qualified…a monkey could become a personal trainer now (some may argue a lot already have)
  8. It is an easy career to do while you are studying to become something else
  9. You’re good with people and this is a great way to connect with lots of people
  10. We want to be our own bosses and never want to work for “ The Man”


Ok… so we have many reasons for why we got started but what I want you to really be thinking about is why do you still want to be a fitpro?

Do any of the reasons above still ring true for you; do you still feel the same way after being in the industry for a while now?

Even after lots of early morning shifts, winging clients, smelly clients and the “I can’t do it” or “I won’t do it” clients?

images-4                                      images-3

To even answer that properly I want to now have a look at the journey most Fitness professionals go through once they start in this industry and after they have been in it for a while…

(If you run a boot camp skip to step 8)

  1. You ask your friends or anyone else you know how much you should charge for your sessions (or you just make it up)
  2. You get your first client or someone (like a gym or studio) gives you your first client, you’re off and running full of excitement…
  3. You then grow your own client base fitting in clients where ever you can, so your hours are all over the place but you’re happy
  4. You then start filling in certain morning or evening time slots… you even start to work out how much you could earn if you worked a couple of extra mornings or evenings
  5. You get adventurous at this stage and start training 2 people in the same time slot (2 on 1, couples training or buddy training)
  6. You build up your 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 sessions to around 40-60 hrs a week and you’re starting to make some good money but what happened to your life?
  7. You’re now working really long days, split shifts and you are looking into some ways to leverage your time and earning capacity
  8. You launch a large group session or boot camp outside to start making more money per hour and fit more people into the same session. (You may or may not also still be running your PT sessions)
  9. You’re not sure what sessions to run so you just add 1 every morning and one every night you are available to work
  10. Things start to grow so you look at adding more sessions
  11. At this point you are starting to think about hiring another trainer to run some of these sessions for you
  12. You hire your first trainer and you take your first morning off, your first sleep in feels amazing!!:)
  13. Things start to grow even more and you’re now getting that trainer to run all of the morning or evening sessions (you like sleeping in way too much or it is nice to finally be home with your partner or family)

This is the point that 80% of fitpro’s make it to… they are starting to make some money, enough to hire a trainer and leverage their earning ability

So why do only another 15% ever make it past this point?

Shall we continue the journey to find out? (We will just call it your training business regardless of whether it is a boot camp or PT)

It should also be a given at this point you have learned to get everyone onto direct debit (EFT)

Your training business has grown enough to pay a trainer but that has left you with almost nothing to pay yourself…

  1. You hold on for a while balancing your growth, paying yourself and your trainers and trying to stay afloat
  2. Eventually you get past this and you are finally paying yourself something (hopefully into another bank account so you can actually have a properly run business account)
  3. You add a few more sessions and you start to think about putting your prices up. (Most trainers feel too much fear to actually do it at this point)
  4. Your prices go up so you are now making even more money, so you hire your 2nd trainer because the 1st trainer needs some help and numbers in some sessions are getting big. (As a PT you can now offload some PT clients onto another trainer)
  5. Your new trainer is awesome and your clients love them… you’re now getting excited about how many sessions this new trainer can handle and possibly even opening up a new location. (Deep down though you’re not 100% sold on the intentions of this trainer long term)
  6. Fast forward a few months or even a couple of years and business was going really well still balancing out school holidays, seasonal cancelations and suspensions, then…. You hear from a valued long-term client that your new awesome trainer has been training some of your clients outside of the sessions at another location and he is talking about opening up his own business…

I know this might sounds like a very grim overview of how things work for most trainers but if I could count how many times I have heard this exact story, you would be blown away.

So now what, do you stick it out, do you fight this trainer, do you drag your clients through it all or do you let them go and just deal with the aftermath?


That choice is yours but I want to fast forward to where only 5% of trainers ever make it to and most would have had to make a choice on that exact same scenario.


The ideal end game or is it….

  • You have a pumping PT studio, boot camp location or gym that can incorporate it all, you might even have multiple locations or venues
  • You have multiple staff you’re now earning multiple 6 figures and maybe even earn up to 7 figures a year.
  • You’re paying off your debt and you’re paying yourself a healthy wage, you have probably even started to take a few holidays and all going well your business is fine without you and even grows.
  • You now have some great leaders/managers in your business who want to help you grow your business… things are pretty good
  • Your time is now spent on how to grow your business, keeping your clients happy and making sure your team is running at the level they should be.
  • You have a huge client base, and a great income but you personally are only earning a decent 6 figure income… your margins are not great so even though your business has grown, your own level of profit or income that ends up in your bank account hasn’t changed as much as maybe you would have dreamed of.
  • You keep pushing, thinking about other income streams you could add into your business…you might even start to think about what is the end game here?

You have now devoted over 10 years of your life to grow this business and you have made sacrifices along the way.


Sacrifices with your time, long hours, no holidays, lack of family time, almost no good personal time, your own training and health and as much as you are proud of what it has lead to… what now?


Is this everything you wanted or is there more?

How much freedom do you actually have?

Can you go on holiday whenever you want? Can you buy anything you want, do anything you want whenever you want from where ever you want?

Are you living the life you always dreamed of or are you still compromising?

Lots to think about but if you made it all the way to the end of this blog post you are someone I want to connect with so I have a present for you 🙂

I want to show you that there is another way and you can decide to make the most of this way regardless of what step your still in as a fitness professional and that they further down you are the more likely you are to make anything work…especially if you knew what was possible.


Do yourself a favour click on the link below and watch this 30 min video I did with a fitpro buddy of mine on what I believe is the future of the fitness industry.



If you do not have the patience, just register to find out more. (Don’t be that person)

I truly am sick of seeing the fitness industry turned into a graveyard of peoples broken dreams and passions.

Almost everyone I started the fitness industry with is no longer in it and most now have jobs working for someone else.

I want you to have the best end game ever and you have to ask yourself the questions “Why are you a Fitness Professional now?” Is it to help others

If so how well and how long do you think you can do that if you’re not making enough money or you’re not able to last it out through all of the steps I mentioned above…

Remember only 5% ever make so what is your plan? Be really honest with yourself.

Click on the link now to find out how you can have both and more…


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