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Meet Adam

Adam has been a Fitness professional for 16 yrs and has been fortunate enough to participate and succeed in multiple business models inside this niche.

Through a suite of products Including The Slight Edge For Trainers and Fitness Contests & Challenges, designed to help fitness professionals achieve the same level of success that he achieved, Adam has helped trainers go from the edge of bankruptcy to creating thriving fitness businesses.

As a massive fan and long time pupil of self development Adam is truly passionate about helping people see the best in themselves and that anyone can achieve anything they really want.

He is a father to 3 beautiful kids, when it comes to his life he loves to keep it simple. He enjoys celebrating every day and is grateful for the living a lifestyle by design.

The next Chapter of Adams life is all about connecting with and helping as many people as he can with their health, wealth and mindset. To connect with Adam you can follow him through any of the channels below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]

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Get Daily Motivation

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Watch Adam’s Videos

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Subscribe To Adam’s Podcast

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|      Featured Posts by Adam McKenzie

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How To Attract More Clients

I’m coming to you today from my house in Phuket Thailand, and recently I have been talking to people about how to attract more clients. So today I want to let you in on my top 10 ways to attract more clients into your business, as well as how to convert these leads into paying customers and raving fans of your business.  These systems are the best and easiest ways to have more leads and more clients in your business!

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Why Do You Really Want To Be A Fitness Professional?

How often have you been asked that question or have you ever asked that question of yourself?  I am sure you have all seen the massive growth in terms of how many Fitpro’s there are now graduating with 6-week degrees when they buy a box of Wheeties, how many new gyms, Crossfit boxes and 24hr zombie factories are popping up everywhere…

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The Perfect Business Model

When I say the word perfect, what I mean is if I had to go back and start a fresh Fitness Business, what aspects would I want to make sure that I had to ensure my business’ success?  When working with my coaching clients I always get them to do is to picture where they want to be, what their ultimate business looks like and with the end in mind we work back from there…

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